Meet the team

Pedro Martins Araújo

From a young age, Pedro Martins Araújo, realised that the right recipe for his life was to create flavours and textures that stirred all the senses. He left Portugal and started to build the path, by becoming a chef. His journey led to a collection of inspirations and influences, which he brought back with him to Portugal. It was on his return “that he was chosen”. That’s how he defines it – It was the chocolate that chose him and not he who chose chocolate. Wanting to know all aspects of his new-found passion, he needed to learn everything about a raw material that would change his life. Pedro researched all he could, travelled to the countries across the cacao belt on a mission to find the perfect cacao producing locations and plantations. After a few years, he became an expert in chocolate and certified professional taster – His life had changed, his new path set!
At WOW, he led the conceptualisation and construction of a museum dedicated to the origins of cacao and history of chocolate. But he didn’t stop there, within the museum, Pedro built a fully operational factory and created the Vinte Vinte brand. A totally differentiating bean-to-bar chocolate, including artisan, that is handmade with passion in Vila Nova de Gaia. Pedro’s ambition now is to take this incredible, melt in the mouth chocolate to the whole world.