Easter Editions

Classic Milk Chocolate 35% – Easter edition

Our classic bar of deliciously creamy milk chocolate, rich in flavour and made with the finest ingredients. Luxurious chocolate with an irresistible extra creamy texture.

And this Easter, add your creativity to the irresistible taste of Vinte Vinte chocolate and create a unique and colourful chocolate bar

Chocolate Bonbon boxes

Our beautiful boxes of Vinte Vinte Chocolate Bonbons hold a delicious selection of 24 individual chocolate.

6 exquisite flavour combinations, made using our Classic Collection recipes dark, milk and white chocolate and a selection of the best ingredients:

  • 4x 70% Classic Dark Chocolate
  • 4x 35% Classic Milk Chocolate
  • 4x 70% Classic Dark Chocolate with Port Wine
  • 4x 70% Classic Dark Chocolate with Hazelnut Praline
  • 4x 35% Classic Milk Chocolate with Caramel
  • 4x Classic White Chocolate with Passionfruit

Take a bite of the delicate chocolate shell of our Vinte Vinte bonbon and the irresistibly luxurious smooth ganache start to melt in the mouth, gently carrying you away in a moment of bliss. 

A luxurious treat and the perfect gift, crafted with passion and expertise in Porto

Chocolate and Port Wine Box

Our Master Chocolate Maker often quotes an English saying that “chocolate and Port Wine are a match made in heaven”. We have put theory into practice and created these four heavenly combinations.

Experience the most delicious chocolate that has
been perfectly harmonised with a Port Wine that complements
it best.

  • Classic Dark Chocolate 70% 25g & Fonseca Bin Nº27 5cl
  • Classic Dark Chocolate 58% 25g & Taylor’s LBV 5cl
  • Classic Milk Chocolate 35% 25g & Taylor’s Tawny 10 Years 5cl
  • Classic White Chocolate 25g & Taylor’s Chip Dry 5cl

Classic Truffles

A colourful tin full of soft, creamy & velvety truffles, made from our Classic Collection chocolate. With the light additional of only a few carefully chosen ingredients enhances the characteristic flavour notes of these delicious truffles.

BIN 27 Port Wine Truffles

We added a generous splash of BIN 27 Port
Wine to our elegant and creamy Classic Truffles,
creating the perfect pairing to tickle the
taste buds. These delightful truffles are lavishly
dusted to create pure chocolate luxury.