About Us

The cacao we eat and the wine we drink hail from different regions across the globe 

And can be plotted within areas on two “belts” that encircle the globe longitudinally. The cacao belt lies within the Tropic of Cancer to Tropic of Capricorn, 20 degrees north to 20 degrees south of the Equator. 

The major wine-growing regions span 30 to 50 degrees north; and 30 to 50 degrees south.  This natural geographical harmony transcends to a wine and chocolate paring, considered by many to be a match made in heaven.   

And like our wines we take exceptional pride in the origins and quality of the raw ingredients we use, which is why we decided to explore the primary areas of cultivation to source the best cacao and develop a range of high-quality artisan chocolate, in Vila Nova de Gaia, alongside our premium quality Port Wine. 

Only The Best Quality of Chocolate

At Vinte Vinte we know that good chocolate depends on quality cacao, and what we do differently is that we take the time to carefully chose our cacao, which has been harvested from the best terroir and we source the best quality ingredients.

This allows us to have more control in the process, and we can track every stage of the journey our raw ingredients takes.

Our Expert

Pedro Martins Araújo

Master Chocolate Maker

“Vinte Vinte brings you the world of chocolate in a bar packed full of flavour. This bars are made with quality ingredients from around the world. Crafted with passion and expertise in Porto.”

Our Chocolate

Classic Collection

A full-bodied, aromatic, artisan chocolate produced from the finest ingredients. A delicious for everyday chocolate treat

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Fusion Collection

A full-bodied, aromatic and unique quality artisan chocolate, infused with the best ingredients bursting with flavour.

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Cacao Intensity Collection

Our bean-to-bar chocolate where the cacao has been carefully selected from some of the best producing countries in the world. Whether from Madagascar, Peru or Uganda, each bar reflects the best cacao from each country.

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Grand Cru

Vinte Vinte Grand Cru is the very best bean-to-bar chocolate. Produced from a single harvest cacao from one of the best plantations

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